Aah Little Atlantis

Aah Little Atlantis is a quirky and entertaining puzzle game in which you are tasked with destroying the mythical land of Atlantis, while trying to save as many of it's inhabitants as possible.
Aesthetically the game features clear and colorful sprite-based graphics, which do an excellent job of conveying all the necessary information while retaining a cute sense of charm. The music also has a retro feel, with some catchy chiptune melodies accompanying the chunky sound effects.

Each of the 16 levels in the game has you begin with a top down view of a map on which the Atlanteans are scattered. Every few turns the sea level will rise, causing a part of the map to be lost underwater, any Atlanteans caught in the flood will drown. Your goal is to guide as many of the island's inhabitants as possible on to the safety of a boat or up to higher ground. You do this by selecting which areas on the map to flood or on which to drop a meteor (on alternating turns). The Atlanteans will move according to their relative position to your actions.
When you first start playing their movement may seem somewhat random, however, it is entirely based on a set of simple rules (helpfully explained in the tutorial) which, once fully mastered, will allow you to predict their movements and guide the Atlanteans exactly where you want them.

After each level you are given a score based on how many inhabitants you managed to save from the rising waters. All levels are available right from the start of the game and can be replayed as often as you want while trying to improve your score. I'm not entirely sure whether it's possible to save all the inhabitants on every map (maybe I'm just not clever enough...) however, I've certainly enjoyed trying!

Get Aah Little Atlantis on XBox 360