Alien Jelly

Alien Jelly is a highly polished 3-D puzzle game where you must rescue several stranded aliens by getting them back to their spaceships. The gameplay is reminiscent of XBLA title Ilomilo, in that you can move the aliens one space at a time across several paths made up of blocks.

Along the way, you'll encounter several obstacles in the form of spiked blocks, lasers, robot enemies, and many others. Fortunately, you have the ability to rewind time should you make a mistake, and you can't fall off the edge of a path unless there is a block situated below for you to land on. There are also gems to collect along the way, while not necessary to progress, count towards your score at the end of each level, together with your completion time and number of rewinds used.
The game also throws several interesting new features into the mix, such as multiple aliens (which you can switch between at any time), colour coded bridges, gravity switches, and so on, all of which help keep the puzzling from becoming too stale.

The graphics and visual theme in Alien Jelly are top notch, with a style that evokes Tim Burton's Mars attacks. The UI is smooth and the menus are crisp and responsive. The music has a 50s sci-fi feel to it which also fits the theme perfectly.
There are 40 puzzles in all to solve, and getting a perfect score on each one helps add a level of replayability to this title. There's also a level editor included in the form of the Build-O-Matic, which is quite enjoyable to tinker around with.

All in all, Alien Jelly is the kind of title that could quite easily have been an XBLA release. The high level of polish and professional design put it a cut above the vast majority of XBLIGs. And I would consider it a must buy for any puzzle game fans out there.

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