Antipole is a 2D platformer with a unique gameplay mechanic.
It plays like most platformers in that you can run left and right, jump, shoot enemies with a gun (though arguably, if your platforming skills are good enough, you can play through the whole game without using it much), and the goal is to reach the exit at the end of each level. Where it differs is in your ability to manipulate gravity.
A simple pull of the right trigger instantly reverses gravity in the vicinity of your character; the length of it's duration depending on how long you hold the trigger down and on a rapidly depleting energy meter. As soon as you are back on solid ground the meter begins to recharge quickly. This gravity reversal affects both your character (sending him flying towards the ceiling) and any enemies within the range of the field of effect (though in later stages some enemies are introduced that are immune to it's effects).

There are all manner of obstacles put in your path, from spikes to electrical fields to chemical spills and more, and you'll need to make full use of your unique gravity reversal skills to avoid them all. Fortunately, the controls are tight and responsive, so you won't suffer any cheap deaths (apart from the odd "blind-jump"), it's all down to your skill and reflexes.
The game offers up plenty of new elements and challenges along the way that fully explore the gameplay mechanic, with some levels rewarding flowing platforming while others have more of a puzzle element to them, there are also some bosses to defeat.

Hidden in each of the levels are three coins, which usually require a little exploration and extra skill to collect. These coins serve to unlock a series of challenges outside the main game. Be warned though, these challenges are pretty tough, but with a bit of patience and some trial and error you should be able to overcome them.

I have a couple of very minor quibbles with the game though.
The first is with the games graphics. While there is technically absolutely nothing at all wrong with them, they are clear and colourful, they do lack a certain cohesiveness (there seems to be no overall style to the game).
My other complaint is with the absence of a storyline, there is no reason or explanation given as to what is going on and why the game's character is traversing the levels. A simple bit of text at the beginning of the game would have been all that was needed. Both these problems are, as I already stated, very minor.
It seems to me that the developers chose to focus most of their energies on the gameplay itself, which is, after all, the most important part. And in that regard they have certainly succeeded. Antipole is a real joy to play, it's fun, challenging without being too difficult, engaging, and bursting with cool ideas to make the most of it's unique gameplay mechanic. I'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has even a passing interest in platformers, you will not be disappointed.

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