AvaGlide is a highly enjoyable hang-gliding game where you take to the skies with your avatar.

There are 3 main game modes to challenge your gliding skills, plus a Free Flight mode for when you just want to relax and soar over the landscape taking in the sights.
You performance on each of the 3 modes is scored, earning you a bronze, silver or gold medal. Getting a high score requires some careful route planning and good gliding skills, and you'll need to do just that to secure your spot on the Online Leaderboards.

AvaGlide has 3 locations to visit (including an active volcano!) and the option to toggle between daytime and sunset depending on your mood. The visuals are great and make exploring the locations just to enjoy the view worthwhile.
The controls are simple and intuitive, and really capture the feeling of swooping and diving through the air.

AvaGlide is one of those games in which the developer(s) have taken a simple idea and executed it really well. Everything works perfectly, and the game is just plain fun to play.

Get Avaglide on XBox 360