As the title suggests, the central character in this game is a blind girl. Not only is this an unusual premise, but it results in some interesting gameplay mechanics as well.

Each level is completely dark and you can only "see" by echoing sound waves off the surfaces around you. You can do this in two ways, by walking and by singing. When you walk, your footsteps create little sound waves that give you some visibility, the faster you walk, the louder the sound. The best way to see your surroundings is to sing, this causes a much louder sound and lights up a lot more of the level.
After finishing each of the 22 levels, you are awarded a new note which is added to your song making it longer, and therefore stronger. You can also scream, which is used to exit the level should you get stuck along the way.

Some of the early levels are simple mazes, which help you get used to using sound to find your way around. Later on new elements are introduced, like walls that break when hit by sound waves, and enemies that chase after noises. These add more of a puzzle feel to the levels, forcing you to chose your path carefully while avoiding making too much noise and attracting the enemies, though sometimes you will find yourself using sound to lure them to where you want them to be.

The storyline is simple enough that for me to go into it would be to spoil it, suffice to say it fits the game nicely.
The graphics are minimal and crisp, and the music and sound effects used all add nicely to the dark and mysterious mood of the game.
If you are after a unique gameplay experience or even just fancy something a bit different from the usual, then I would thoroughly recommend purchasing this game. You won't be disappointed.

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