Blow Me Up

Blow Me Up is an entertainingly wacky physics puzzler that promotes explosives as the solution to any problem.
The premise, as far as I could figure it out, involves a one-legged-sponge-looking character and his blow-up doll girlfriend attempting to get their friend, who is a pig, back home so that he doesn't starve (as they don't know what to feed him).

The gameplay itself involves a series of levels in which you must propel the main character around by means of causing him to explode. You can control the direction and power of the detonations, and must use them wisely as you only have a certain amount of explosive power at your disposal, which is depleted depending on the size of the eruptions. Fortunately, there are often piles of coal scattered around which can be picked up to refill the meter.
The goal of each level is to reach a pool of water, I assume this is to either cool the main guy down after all those ignitions, or because sponges need water to survive (Spongebob Squarepants The Movie taught me that!).

The game does a good job of throwing in new mechanics such as gravity switches, barriers, explosive barrels, and so on, that help prevent the gameplay from getting stale.
There are also a few levels in which you play as the pig character. And in these the goal changes to causing all other animals in the stage to blow up.
Upon completion of a level you are awarded a rating out of 3 stars based on speed and fuel consumption, though I had a hard time getting anything better than 1 star on most stages.

The graphics in Blow Me Up are nothing special, with levels often looking a little bare, yet clear enough be functional and not impede the gameplay in any way.
Overall, the game works quite nicely, with controls feeling responsive and objectives being clear. It is a little on the short side, but quite fun to play and I believe worth the minor asking price.

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