In Explosionade you play as the one member of a military corporation that has been left behind while the rest of the soldiers are off attacking the alien enemy's headquarters. Not only that, but you're expected to be cleaning the toilets. Fortunately you come across a prototype mech, decide to take it into the sewers for a spin, and end up taking the fight to the enemy.

The mech you are controlling is a real joy to use. It's armed with a powerful machine gun (controlled by either the X button or the right thumbstick), and a cannon to to fire bombs with (you can make them either stick to surfaces or bounce off them), both of which can be aimed in any direction. You also have the ability to jump, and can hover in the air for a short time using the mech's jet boosters. On top of all that you also have a multipurpose shield which, not only deflects enemy fire, but can be used offensively to kill enemies, as well as allowing you to bounce your mech around the level if you engage it as you are about to hit the ground after a jump or drop.

There are 40 levels in the game, each being a large room filled with enemies, platforms and the odd hidden treasure. Your task is to reach the exit in each one to move on to the next level.
The gameplay in Explosionade is fast, fluid and action-packed. Each level is different to the last and the variety of enemies increases as the game progresses, keeping things feeling fresh.

Overall, Explosionade is a very well polished game, and is excellent value for your money. It's an absolute blast to play and offers re-playability in the form of Online Leaderboards, 2 player local co-op, 4 levels of difficulty, and the option to increase the game speed.

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