Gerbil Physics

Gerbil Physics is a physics puzzle game in which the player must cause an assortment of gerbils locked into shapes to drop bellow a line on the screen.
This is done by using a mixture of tools: there are bombs, ropes and disintegrators. Bombs can be placed anywhere and detonate after a short period of time. Ropes can be attached to any object and pulled in any direction, but if pulled to hard will snap. Disintegrators can be used to cause any one object to disappear.
Each level has a fixed amount of each tool available and it's up to the player to work out how best to use them. There is usually more than one way to clear each level, allowing for a bit of creativity on the player's part.

There is a lot to like about Gerbil Physics.
The levels are varied and well thought out, with a fresh challenge on each one. The graphics are clear and colorful. The physics engine works well, making the explosions satisfying and causing the various objects to act in a predictable manner. All in all, it's a very polished game.

However, there is one main problem with it: it's very very short. There are only 24 levels to clear, and you'll probably find yourself doing so in about 30 minutes. There is some replayability though, in that you can then go back to any level and attempt to beat your own score.
Yet, at such a low price, it is still a very worthwhile purchase, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys physics based puzzle games.

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