Lair Of The Evildoer

Lair Of The Evildoer is a highly enjoyable cross between a lighthearted RPG and a twin stick shooter.
You control one of Dr Odious' test subjects that, upon failing to impress the evil mastermind, decides to resist being terminated and escape from the fortress he's been trapped in.
Ahead of you lie 25 floors packed with evil minions that want to stop you, and you'll have to blast your way through them if you wish to get out alive.

The game plays from a semi top down view and controls like a twin stick shooter, with movement mapped to the left stick and aiming to the right. Squeezing the right trigger fires your selected weapon (of which you can carry two) and hitting the right bumper causes a melee attack.
Killing enemies rewards you with XP which, when you level up, are converted into stat points that can be assigned to various attributes that affect things like damage dealt, accuracy, your life gauge, and so on.

There are a ton of different weapons to be found, and they can be compared with the ones you are currently holding to help you decide which ones are worth keeping. There are also a whole load of different enemies to slaughter on your way to freedom, some of which have special attributes which make them faster, stronger, explosive, or immune to projectiles.
The rooms on each floor are generated procedurally, so you'll have to explore carefully to find the stairs down to the next level. This adds a good amount of replayability to the title, as no two playthroughs will be exactly the same.

Lair Of The Evildoer is immensely fun to play, it may not be the prettiest game around but the action is fast-paced and highly satisfying. I'd thoroughly recommend picking this one up.

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