Radiangames Ballistic

Radiangames Ballistic is an excellent twin stick shooter that's highly polished in every aspect.
The premise is simple, you move your ship around an enclosed arena with the left analogue stick and fire with the right. Your goal is to kill all the enemies that appear on screen while avoiding getting hit by them. The enemies appear in waves, each one requiring you to take out a certain number of enemy ships (shown in a counter at the top of the screen) to move on to the next wave. Bombs and multipliers appear regularly on the playing field which you must fly over to activate.
You have two firing modes at your disposal, one that shoots in a spread, and the other that fires in a more concentrated forward manner. On top of that you can enter Ballistic mode at any time by simply holding down the right trigger, this causes your firepower to increase but slows your ship down, adding a layer of strategy to the action. Ballistic mode will cause your ship to overheat if used for too long, resulting in a cool down period wherein you'll be unable to fire.

There are plenty of enemies to shoot, at first they are fairly simple, either heading straight for you or moving around somewhat randomly. But, as you progress, more and more types appear, each with their own behavior patterns. They also get faster and stronger every few waves, fortunately you get upgrades for your ship to help counter the added threat. You have a certain number of upgrade slots available depending on how far you've gotten in the game, and can chose which upgrades to equip.

On top of the main Waves mode there is a Challenges mode, where you have a 2 minute time limit in which to rack up as high a score as possible against a certain set of enemy types.

The action in Ballistic is very fast, with enemies spawning constantly around you (though never so close as to result in a cheap death), and you'll need lightning quick reflexes to do well. There are Online Leaderboards available to keep you trying though, and you'll soon be weaving your way around the screen taking out literally thousands of enemies.
The visuals in the game are clear and bright, with plenty of good explosive effects. The whole thing, including the menus and display elements, is very nice to look at. And the music is just as good, comprised of a selection of techno tracks that complement the onscreen action.
Radiangames Ballistic is truly a fantastic twin stick shooter. Everything is polished and balanced to perfection, making it one of the best in the genre and well worth the asking price.

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