Radiangames Crossfire

Radiangames Crossfire takes the classic arcade gameplay style of Space Invaders and adds enough new twists to create something unique.

The game consists of controlling a ship/cannon that's located at the bottom of the screen, can move horizontally and fires upwards. There are enemies moving sideways in the center of the playing area, and you must kill them all to progress to the next level.
So far, so familiar. However, where this game differs from the old formula is in that with a single press of either trigger or bumper, you can warp to the top of the screen and rain down fire from above. While the ability to switch between either floor or ceiling at any time may sound a bit like a gimmick, the entire game has been designed around this simple mechanic, resulting in a highly enjoyable experience.

The enemy types you'll encounter encourage warping back and forth, with some of them firing in just one direction, others switching between the two periodically, some that adjust their shots' orientation depending on your location, and so on. You'll also come across plenty of imaginative combinations of the different types making you reconsider your tactics as you go along.
Each downed enemy will drop power orbs that, when collected, serve to fill your Superfire meter. Using this extra weapon will see you firing a more powerful barrage of projectiles, which comes in very handy at times, as it's a good way to clear out large numbers of enemies quickly.

There are 50 levels to blast your way through and, with a well balanced difficulty curve, infinite continues, and periodic updates to your ship, you won't find the game becoming impossible.
There are plenty of reasons to come back once you're done though: there's 2 player co-op and an unlockable Turbo Mode, as well as the fact that the game is fun enough in itself to want to play it again!

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