Radiangames Inferno

Radiangames Inferno is a twin stick shooter that eschews the usual endless barrage of enemies in an enclosed arena that's normally associated with the genre, in favor of a more structured experience by setting the action in a series of levels.

There are 30 levels in total, each requiring you to find your way to the exit taking out hundreds of enemies along the way. There are barriers that need a key to be located for them to open, secret areas, and drones and bombs to aid you in your adventure.
All manner of bad guys stand in your way, each type with their own tactics, and you'll often need to destroy their spawn points before sweeping up the stragglers. Downed enemies drop gold, more of which is scattered around the levels, and you'll want to collect as much as possible to spend in the shops on upgrades for your ship.

Inferno is fast paced and action packed, with well designed levels crammed full of enemies to shoot, and a well implemented difficulty curve.
The visuals are clear and neon lit, with some nice explosive effects, and the electronic soundtrack fits the tempo of the game very nicely.

Radiangames Inferno really is an excellent game. Every aspect looks and feels highly polished, with a level of care and attention not often seen on XBLIG. The main reason to buy this game though, is that it's an enormous amount of fun to play; and with 2-4 player co-op, three difficulty levels, and a new game plus mode, there's more than enough reason to re-visit it once you've finished your first playthrough.

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