Slam: Indie Edition

Slam: Indie Edition is the budget version of another XBLIG entitled just plain Slam. This version is exactly the same as it's more expensive counterpart but has only 3 music tracks (compared to 9) and around 50 levels instead of 100.
The gameplay is a variant of the classic Arkanoid or Breakout paddle and ball mechanic. Where it differs is that you have full 360 degree movement around the field rather than just along the bottom of the screen. The bricks are located in the center with you bouncing the ball at them from all angles.
Another major change is the fact that you have a magnet on your paddle which you can activate at any time. You can also change the angle of your paddle's orientation by moving the right analog stick, which allows for some precision aiming. Plus, you can increase the speed of your paddle's movement with just the squeeze of a trigger, a really handy trick when you find the ball ricocheting off to the opposite end of the screen.

There are 20 different types of brick to destroy of varied shapes and sizes. These can move and spin on all three axes, meaning you'll have to sometimes time your shots as well as carefully aiming them. There are various enemies to take out as well, sometimes defended by electric force fields whose power sources you'll need to destroy first.
To aid you along your way some bricks will drop power ups, with effects like multiball, a stronger magnet, three paddles, and so on. There is also the odd token dropped which, when you've collected enough of them, will let you unleash a special move.

Rather than using a lives system, each time you lose the ball it will slightly drain a meter shown on the right hand side of the screen. When the meter is empty you lose, however you can replenish it by picking up the appropriate power ups.

Slam: Indie Edition is a beautiful looking game, with crisp 3D graphics and lots of light and particle effects going on. It's one of the most polished looking games on the Indie Channel.
The real reason to buy this game though is the gameplay. It has enough innovative twists on the old brick breaker genre to make it stand out as something new, and, at such a low price, it's an absolute bargain!

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