The Fall Of Gods

Darkness is rising in the land of Ergia and the Gods themselves are too weak to stop it, so it's up to you, the chosen hero, to save the land...
The Fall Of Gods is a beautiful action RPG that is reminiscent of the classic Zelda adventure A Link To The Past. The elements these two games share consist of the top down view, an emphasis on exploration and puzzles, and a selection of items, weapons and spells that are required to progress through the adventure.

The world the game is set in is quite sizeable, with a large over-world and plenty of dungeons to battle your way through, there are also a plethora of hidden caves to find which really reward exploration.
There are plenty of characters to chat to and a good number of side quests to complete. Any location of interest that a NPC mentions is automatically marked on your map, which I found to be a quite nice touch as it makes finding places much easier.

Combat is a little on the simple side, but the game focuses more on puzzles and exploration than action, so it's not much of an issue. There is a good variety of spells to mess around with during battles, and they serve a double purpose, as you'll often need them to help solve puzzles.
There are three different movement speeds for the main character: crawl, walk and run. Switching between them requires a simple press of one of the shoulder buttons, and I found myself doing so fairly often, opting to walk or crawl in areas I hadn't explored before and to run when I was backtracking through familiar locations.

The graphics in The Fall Of Gods are really quite beautiful, and there's some fantastic music to accompany them, both of which help give the game a fairly unique feel.
Overall, I found The Fall Of Gods to be an excellent game and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that likes RPGs or has a fondness for the older Zelda games.

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