Welcome To XBLIG Recommendations

As I imagine is the case with most people, when I first bought my XBox 360 I had only one game to go along with it. As a result, I quickly found myself exploring what else my new console had to offer. First, I discovered that I could download demos of full games to play. Then came the Arcade channel, with it's wonderful selection of smaller titles. Finally, after some digging, I stumbled across what was then known as the Community Games Channel (now XBox Live Indie Games, or XBLIG for short).

The XBLIG section of XBox 360 is a strange place. A somewhat free-for-all mishmash of games where anyone can publish their title, whether they are an established studio, a professional who has been working on a pet project, or a beginner testing out their newly learnt skills. Because of this open nature, the XBLIG channel features an eclectic mix of games, ranging in quality from barely functional to highly polished, and can be quite a daunting place to visit.

In my case, it all served to pique my curiosity. And I soon found myself checking the new releases each week, wading through the back catalogue, and trying out hundreds of demos. My inquisitiveness soon paid off, as I began to unearth some truly great titles.

I decided to put together this website as a place to recommend some of the best games that I've come across on the service. This way, anyone who might be interested in XBLIG but doesn't have the time or enthusiasm to plough through thousands of available titles, can at least get a sampling of what's on offer. I hope you enjoy the games as much as I have!